It’s natural for humans to experience fear. We weren’t born with it. As a child, we roamed the world, extremely fearless, but more than likely, our parents were the first to instill a sense of fear, within us. It’s not an intentional act, they do it out of love and concern, for our wellbeing. “Be careful, you will hurt yourself!” So we feared diving into the ocean, because there was a chance of drowning. “You need to go to college, so you can get a good paying job!” So we stayed in college, out of fear that we wouldn’t have a job, if we were to quit. Rejection, criticism, and loneliness, and some of the reasons as to why, fear has imprisoned us, for so many years.

In my own personal experience, I allowed fear to deter me from pursuing a career as a screen writer. I wrote a screenplay years ago, and had it put away, never wanting anyone to read it, out of fear that the reader wouldn’t like my work. Through a friend, I found the courage to send my screenplay off to another writer, in hopes that I would get my “big break”. What I got back instead, was the same screenplay I sent off, with red ink marked all over it. She didn’t say that my work was bad, but she did insist on me, taking more writing classes and perfecting my work. At that time, I was crushed. I felt like a failure. I have yet to write another screenplay. Years later, I have grown to understand that rejection is a part of facing your fears, because it allowed me to face them. If I had never gotten the courage to send off my screenplay, I would of never known, what I needed to improve on. It was a blessing, in disguise.

Since reading “The Motivation Manifesto”, I began to apply the lessons I’ve learned in the book, to my every day life, so that I can begin to face the challenges, that will help me, to become the greatest version of myself. Because fear is something I suffer with, I’m trying to do things, that I will help me to loosen the chains, that it has on me. Over the weekend, my mom told me that my God parents were at the house. My God father, had recently suffered the loss of his mom, and she wanted to make sure that I greeted them and send my condolences. Now in the past, my mom and I had huge arguments about this, because she knows that I HATE when she tells me to do something, without allowing me to do it on my own. Since I’m convinced that my mom will never get over this annoying habit of hers, I knew that I had to face my fears and greet them and pay my respects. If you know me personally, you would know that I’m not good with expressing myself, verbally, but I’m able to do so, only through writing. Since this is one of my biggest fears, I decided to bite the bullet and greeted my god parents and verbally express my sympathy, to them both. I know that my mom was extremely happy to know that she wasn’t left disappointed in me, but I walked away feeling like a new person. I never knew how rejuvenating it would of been do something I feared. And so, I decided, every day, I’m going to do one thing a day, that I wouldn’t normally do, to overcome my fears. It builds character and the confidence is an, added bonus.

2 thoughts on “FACING OUR FEARS”

  1. Amazing!!

    Loved this article. There are so many people including myself whom let fear dictate their lives. We allow it to consume us, in fear that we will be rejected. If I had let go of my fears years ago, it’s no telling, who I could have become.
    I once posted that if we took the same energy that was holding us back due to fear, imagine where we could be now if we used that same energy and catupulted into our PURPOSE.
    Goodbye Fear!!!

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