Years ago, I thought of an idea of starting a book club, back when I started the original Chatty Patty blog.  It never materialized, because so many people told me that people no longer read.  We are either too preoccupied, lazy or not interested.  Over the years, I haven’t been able to read as many books, as I’m accustomed to reading, with the invention of social media, and all of the everything responsibilities, that come with being a mother.  Recently, the urge has returned, to my original idea of starting a book club.  Personally, I find that my writing skills have failed.  The more you read, the more you are able to expand your vocabulary.  I have a thirst of wanting to know more.  Social media, gives you a snippet of information, but reading a book, opens you up, to a whole new world.

I started purchasing books this year, with the intentions of getting this book club in motion.  I wanted to start a book club that will have no more than 4 books per year.  One annual fee.  An online forum where we can openly discuss the book and how it relates to our own lives.  I’m not interested in romance novels, though I know some, may be.  My focus is on self help books.  I want that what we read, we can apply to own life, to strengthen and grow.  With the book club, each member will have a journal, that will allow, he or she, to write entries in it.  It doesn’t have to pertain to the book, it can be our daily thoughts, affirmations, or a to do list.  Most importantly, I want the club, to allow us to socialize with people, that we may not get the chance, to meet, if it weren’t for the interest in reading.

This book club is open to the public.  At this point, I’m looking to see if anyone is interested in joining.  You don’t have to reside in South Florida, to be a member.  This book club will have online meet ups.  My goal is to begin the initial reading, in April.  If this serves your interest, leave a comment or send an email to

THE SHARON TATE (High waisted crochet bikini)



When I created this particular piece, I was heavily influenced by the 60’s and the whole, hippie era.  One of my favorite 60’s icon, is the late Shanon Tate.  Unfortunately, she more famously known for being murdered of Charles Mason and his family.  When I created the design, I wanted to transform the woman, to a time, of free spirit, and love.  This entire suit is made from 100% pima cotton yarn.  It has a much softer feel from the previous suits I have made, hence the reason why I started to only create new designs with this new particular yarn.  It’s pricer than the ordinary cotton yarn, but it has a better fit on the body.  This piece is available for sale at