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“An attitude of gratitude, opens the portals to a richer, more abundant life”

Last week, seemed to be a non stop flow of financial worries, disappointments, and unnecessary quarrels.  Everything came all at once, or I magnified something that’s resolvable, to something that seemed to be a reoccurrence.  I began to get these intense migraine headaches.  Taking painkillers to ease the pain and help to fall asleep.  I decided at that time, to continue to read anything positive, to give me hope, in the midst of the cloudy days.  Last night, as I laid in bed, reading The Motivation Manifesto (I know I’m still reading it), I came across the chapter on “The Path of Gratitude”.  It’s not like I haven’t read testimonials on how showing gratitude, even in the midst of troubled times, can bring about joy, but I’ve never really, truly, practiced it.  In the darkness of my room, with only the reading light, to shine on the pages of the book and the pounding of the rain falling, outside my window, I began to dig deep down inside, to find anything that I was thankful for.  I referenced all of my gratitude to things that occurred, last week.

I’m thankful for this alone time, to be able to read this book

I’m thankful for this quiet time, to be able to hear the voice within

I’m thankful for my mom who gave me money, when my account was overdrawn

I’m thankful for my friend Marie, who is a constant reminder of what a friendship, truly is

I’m thankful for Marie, for getting me out the house, and paying for my lunch, when I didn’t have the money to buy my own

I’m thankful for life, because I am blessed to be alive

I’m thankful for these days of struggle, to appreciate the better days, when they come

I’m thankful for the guy in my life, who messages me good morning when he wakes up, and good night, before he goes to bed

I’m thankful for the gift of knowledge, that allows me to read, learn, and stay informed

I’m thankful for the gift of drive, that allows me to go after anything, I put my mind to

I’m thankful to Oniyah’s father, for opening up doors of opportunity for me

I’m thankful that he and I can argue and talk to one another, less than 24 hours later

I’m thankful for my daughter, who comes to me and gives me a hug, and reminds me of what unconditional love, truly is

I became so overwhelmed with emotion.  Quickly, any pain I felt, went away, allowing the flow of love and appreciation, to bring itself in.  I began to cry and couldn’t stop.  The feeling kept me awake till the early morning hours.  It’s unlike any feeling I’ve felt in a while.  It truly showed me how blessed I am.  It made me realize that when you move into a direction, of finding your personal freedom, the universe, truly does work in your favor.  Your vision becomes clearer, hurdles seem to be less strenuous, negative people disappear, making room for genuine individuals.  I now understand the power of gratitude and how it can transform an individual into truly being appreciative of the blessings, no matter how small, it may be.