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This isn’t a question, its a known fact.   Your beliefs, mold and shape the road map to your life.  We are what we believe.  We act on our beliefs.  Our thoughts are our beliefs.  I’m currently doing the 21 day meditation experience that Oprah and Deepak does, quite often, throughout the year. The topic on this meditation experience is our BELIEFS.  I get very emotional, when I’m in this process, because it opens up my mind and soul, to certain things about my own self, that I tend to hide.  This year especially, I’ve begun to challenge, all the things that I’ve been programmed to believe.  I began to question my career choices, which led me to quit my job, and college.  I began to question my friends and acquaintances, which led me to distance myself from a number of people.  I began to question, the many things that I was forced to learn about the history of my culture and race, which allowed me to become more “radical” and outspoken, against the injustices of my black brother’s and sisters.  I began to question the bible, and religion, as a whole and it made me realize that I don’t want to practice the teachings of a book, I’m not even sure to be true, but to obtain more spirituality, in my every day life.  Because of these changes, I began to feel more free.  My beliefs are my own, and not of those of my parents, family, and friends.  I’m beginning to live a life, that allows me to be free of doubt and fear.

The beliefs, we have, about ourselves, have been programmed, into our mind space, over the course of our lives.  As a child, children would often make fun of the way that I spoke.  My voice naturally drags, and because of that, I was often mocked and teased.  I grew up thinking that something was wrong with the way I spoke, which in return, made me hate it.  To avoid, being picked on, I became anti social.  Not wanting to speak, so I wouldn’t face the fear of being picked on.  The belief I had in my true self, was that I was abnormal, because I spoke differently.  I still struggle with this belief.  Even though I know that what I believed to be true, was untrue, it’s taking some time, to regain the power of owning my true self.

So within the next couple of weeks, I will touch base on this topic, associating with our beliefs, and who we truly are, versus what we want people to believe.